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Car Loan Calculator - EE

Car Loan Calculator-EE combines 5 auto calculations in one application. CLC-EE helps you to find out monthly payments, compare interest rates, and compare loans. In addition to these features, CLC-EE also helps you compare the fuel cost of 2 cars. Also, if you know how much you want to spend per month on your car payment, CLC-EE has an option for that calculation as well. Just go to “Affordability” and see what loan amount you can afford based on your monthly car loan payment goal.

Our app offers a Free DEMO version, available for download from various app stores, directly from your phone, as well as from the web.

We offer an Instructional Video of our app, as well as detailed explanations of each of the calculators.



Feature Descriptions

Monthly Payment Calculator: Features a Principal vs. Interest Rate bar graph for the first 5 years.

Rate Comparison: Lets you compare 2 interest rates. You can also see the results in Pie Chart form as well.

Fuel Cost Comparison: Lets you compare the fuel cost of 2 cars. You can see the fuel cost difference of 2 cars in a tabulated form as well.

Loan Comparison: You can compare 2 loans and see the results in a Pie Chart as well.

Affordability: You can decide what you want to pay per month for your car payment, and our calculator will help you determine the car loan you can afford. You can also go into the “More…” section to see other “What if” scenarios of your car loan.

Preferences: Preferences allows you to adjust font sizes and currency of the application for the current session.

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Car Loan Calculator - EE

Revision :
Latest Version: 1.0(8-Oct-2009)

Supported Models:
81xx, 82xx, 83xx, 85xx, 8900, 9000, 9630

Supported OS:
4.2.1 to 5.x (Does not support OS6)

Where Is It Available? :
BlackBerry App WorldTM

Screen Shots

Car Loan Calculator - EE

Screen Shots and Instructional Video

Calculate 4in13.99

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