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Our most feature-rich application. This easy to use application, designed by Jengun for BlackBerry® phones, combines 4 different calculators in one single app:

Mortgage calculator (with 4 different compounding period options), car loan calculator (with principal vs. interest percentage breakdown for the first 5 years), tip calculator, and compound return calculation, in one easy to use app. Preferences allow you to change font sizes as desired.

Our app offers a Free DEMO version, available for download from various app stores, directly from your phone, as well as from the web.

We offer an Instructional Video of our app as well as detailed explanations of each of the calculators.

Feature Descriptions


Mortgage Calculator: Calculates monthly payments for your mortgage. 4 different compounding periods are supported (US, Canadian and more). Pie chart results are also available.

  • For US Mortgage Calculations, please select Monthly Compounding.
  • For Canadian Mortgage Calculations, please select Semi-Annual Compounding.
  • You can enter your Downpayment as a dollar amount, as well as a percentage.

Car Loan Calculator: Calculates payments for your car loan. A new option is designed to calculate car loans in Singapore as well.

  • One  of the most commonly used compounding methods for car loan calculations is "Monthly" compounding. 
  • In some cases this is not true. Singapore uses a different calculation method. For car loan calculations in Singapore, please use "SM" compounding method.  

Tip Calculator: Enter bill amount, tax, number of diners and desired tip percentage. Tax will be calculated from pre-tax bill amount.

Compound Return Calculator: This calculator helps you to calculate return on your money. You can select the compounding period and the length of compounding. You will see your earnings and compounded account value. The length of compounding has to be entered as a total number of compounding periods.

Preferences: Preferences allows you to adjust font sizes and currency of the application for the current session.


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Calculate 4in1

Revision :
Latest Version: 1.1(14-Mar-2010)
Initial Release: 1.0(12-Mar-2010)

Supported Models:
81xx, 82xx, 83xx, 85xx, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9530, 9630, 9700

Supported OS:
4.2.1 to 5.x (Does not support OS6)

Where Is It Available? :
BlackBerry App WorldTM

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Calculate 4in1

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Calculate 4in13.99

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